Where to buy color contacts online and offline?

Buy Colored Contacts Online
So you have found your reason and decided to buy color contacts. Now you'd of course be interested in where to buy and it would be nice if they didn't cost that much?

Well, there are many normal stores, like vision centers, where they sell color contacts. BUT I'd recommend you to buy them online.

- Online stores usually have a wide selection (I'm sure though that there are many regular stores with wide selections too)
- You can usually get good pictures of the contacts (with someone wearing them and one with only the contacts)
- You can easily get all the information about the product you want
- You can order them to be delivered right to your home, so you don't need to think who sees you buying them (if you're the type to care about that sort of things)

I've bought from both regular store and online store and like I just recommended, I prefer online stores. But it's your decision. If you're thinking if it safe to buy color contacts online, check my post "Is it safe to buy color contacts online?"

So where can you then get them? Well I'd recommend you to buy from Coco Contacts. It has many different types of color contacts for cheap prices and easy to use interface. They also offer both non-prescription and prescription color contacts.

- Janette

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